Why do you need insurance? Why is it important to have insurance?

Why do you need insurance?

Many ask this question. Everyone wants to know why insurance is needed. Yes, if you have questions about why you need insurance, Then this post is suitable for you. Keep reading this post carefully, We hope you find the answer to your question.

First let me know what is insurance? In a word, insurance is an agreement between the recipient and the giver. That could be any deal. The insurance company will compensate you based on your contract. So insurance can be called a contract. In a previous post I talked about insurance, So I don’t want to make this post too big. If you haven’t read the previous post, Then fall now. Because if you don’t read the previous post, you will not understand well about insurance. Let’s get to the main topic.

No one can guarantee human life. This is not this. So human life is uncertain. And insurance plays a vital role in managing this precarious life. No one can predict what will happen in human life. You may have a lot of money today but you may not have this money tomorrow. As long as you have money you are And your family has been able to use it. But if you are not tomorrow, what is the security of your money? And with this security in mind, the insurance system has been introduced for a long time.

In the previous post I mentioned two types of insurance, Life insurance and general insurance. Life insurance is the friend of the future. We have seen many times that no friend can be found in times of danger. But life insurance will not shy away from your side in times of danger. And with this life insurance comes a huge increase in your savings. So the number of life insurers is increasing day by day worldwide. Many people think that life insurance is a little expensive. But I will say that it is not a big deal at all. If you agree to submit the premier as much as you can, then there is no problem. If you wish, you can also bind the time to submit the premiere as you like. If you want, after a month or two, You can still submit premium after three months or six months or one year. It will determine your earnings.

Insurance creates capital. If you do an insurance And if you deposit a portion of your income as premium then the insurance expires, You can use that money as your business capital. Therefore, it can be said that insurance plays an effective role in the creation of capital. Insurance is required to make capital.

In old age or disaster. Insurance money will help you a lot in old age. When you can’t make any income, Then you can support yourself with that insurance money. Even it is a disaster. If you go to people in times of danger, you can’t get money. So if you have an insurance, Then the insurance company will protect you from any danger if you are in any danger. So you have to insure.

Insurance gives peace of mind. Peace of mind is the big thing and money brings peace of mind. If you have no money, Then you will never have peace of mind. If you have an insurance, Then your peace of mind will increase a lot. Even if you have a big accident, you will not have any tension. Because all your responsibilities belong to the insurance company. And if you don’t insure, Then you have to take all the responsibility of your family, it is not peace for you at all. So you have to insure.

The business pays. It is impossible to say how useful insurance is in business. Every trader needs to be insured. Because you have to take a lot of risk to do business. And taking this risk often leads to big losses. That loss is difficult to handle alone. If you take out an insurance, the insurance company will cover all your losses. It will also bring you peace of mind. So if you are a businessman, Then you have to insure to run your business well.

You probably understand why insurance is needed. If you have any comments or questions on this topic, Then you must comment. In the next post I will tell you how to insure And there are some aspects to consider before taking out insurance. Stay well until he stays healthy And take care of your family. Thanks.

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